PBOC’s Endorsement for Sheriff: Jewell Williams


The Point Breeze Organizing Committee is proud to announce our endorsement of Jewell Williams for Sheriff. Endorsing Williams is very much in line with the community organizing and anti-gentrification work PBOC has been engaged in Point Breeze. Not only does the Sheriff’s office play an important role in helping to keep people in their homes and avoid foreclosure if possible, but Williams also holds a documented record of community activism and commitment to advocating for working class communities that we believe should be recognized. Raised in North Philly, Williams has intentionally remained a resident there because he understands the importance of keeping in touch with one’s roots and remaining apart of and active in one’s community. His commitment to defending working class communities from such threats like gentrification is honorable and a central reason why PBOC is endorsing Williams for Sheriff. We are confident he will continue to make the Sheriff’s office a tool to keep long-term residents in their homes and speculative developers at bay.

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