Top Five: 5 examples of Ori Feibush, OCF Realty, and its allies incubating hate.

1.  “Po Black People Against Prosperity”

CS PoBlk-2-small

Close OCF ally, Chris Sawyer, under his PhiladelphiaSpeaks, user name “Artic Splash: Dixie Enormous” writes that the name of Point Breeze’s community organization should be the above.  Less than three hours later, Feibush posts.  This would-be civic leader, says nothing about the virulent racism, of his friend, instead he reports, business is going well.

2.  Vagina pic text message;  a woman PBOC organizer received the below, from an unkown number, the day after the march, along with other vulgar messages.


3.  Internet stalking and disregard for privacy as a form of intimidation.

Philadelinquency, the pro-gentrification website – owned by Chris Sawyer, posted a story about the cease and desist letter sent to Haley Dervinis.


A commenter, “MantonSt. Resident” reffers to Feibush’s practice of using IP Addresses to identify people. The user says Feibush is often incorrect. The user goes on to say that the only reason he doesn’t post his actual name is because of Feibush’s constant retaliation.


Feibush, true to form, responds by posting the name, “Tyler Westnedge” with an IP Address; insinuating that he knows who “MantonSt.Resident” is.  “Tyler Westnedge” using a username with his own name, then responded- it was not him and for Feibush to cut it out.  He is rebuffed by Sawyer who calls him, “Mr. Prissy Pants.”


4. Spreading misinformation: the manufacturing of “”

The morning of the PBOC’s march, there was an incident of vandalism –someone threw a brick through the window of OCF’s coffee shop.  It was convenient for OCF in that, for those outside the neighborhood, it shifted the narrative to one where Feibush was a victim.  The vandalism occurred at 6am.  Only 90 minutes later (see creation time below), an acknowledged friend of Mr. Feibush launched the website, “” with a corresponding youtube page, and twitter account. The site’s sole article argued that the act of vandalism was connected to PBOC’s march.  It also posted the surveillance footage.

PBCriminalswebsite-small  whois-small

Feibush, was apparently lucky, that he had a friend who was up that early and in such a small amount of time, had the idea for a website, obtained the domain, built the website and corresponding social media, uploaded and transferred the surveilance video footage, wrote the article, then recruited supporters to promote the website on places like the Newbold Neighbors facebook page.  At the very least, it demonstrated an unwillingness to investigate and speak responsibly.  The police did not agree with Feibush’s claims that it was the Point Breeze Organizing Committee and apparently neither did some of the Facebook users.


5.  Disrespect of women.

Mr. Feibush himself has participated in all the threads the below examples are pulled from.  He usually doesn’t use vulgarity himself, however this would-be civic leader, doesn’t intervene either.  And it certainly doesn’t stop him from asking this exact group of people to turn out to support him for zoning meetings.  Older examples include speculating with disgust what it would be like to sleep with longer-term woman residents, and one long-time community activist is reffered to as a “turd,” for saying she felt disrespected at a Newbold Neighbors meeting.

In the lead up to the march, PhiladelphiaSpeaks user, John Goodman posts, “Can someone post a pic of the girl organizing this?  I’m not on fb…want to know if she’s hot?”


After photos of the march came out, PBOC Organizers are said to be “ugly,” “look like a man,” and be “too frumpy for tight jeans.”  All part of creating a cost for anyone who stands up, particularly women.


One of the most appaling treatments of a PBOC organizer, is the way Ms. Gwen (pictured above) is talked about; “Loveisnoise” user speculates if she “has an innie or an outie” and writes, “I’m a tax paying citizen and have a right to know what happened to her weave, and if the curtains match the carpet.”





This post is a follow-up from a previous post, “Ori Feibush, OCF Realty, and the Incubation of Hate.”

The Point Breeze Organizing Committee had a successful march, commemorating the 50 year anniversary of the March on Washington, and chanting down Point Breeze Ave. to protest OCF Realty.  A video the march, produced by The Media Mobilizing Project can be viewed here.

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